Technischer Jugendmedienschutz: Illustration, die die Optik einer Speicherkarte nachzeichnet.

Technical protection of minors in the media

Providers of content that may harm children or adolescents must secure their offerings using technical measures. The legislation distinguishes between different levels of potential harm in this context.

Providers can prevent access to broadcasting or telemedia content liable to impair the development of minors using time restrictions or technical means. In telemedia, an age rating that can be read by suitable technical systems for the protection of minors can be used. Certain types of inadmissible content may only be disseminated in telemedia due to their greater potential for harm and then only under one condition: the setting up of closed user groups using age verification systems. Cross-channel concepts deal with both levels of potential harm.

Cross-channel concepts

Besides concepts for the protection of minors involving closed user groups or technical means, providers can submit technical concepts for the protection of minors comprising a combination of measures for different levels of protection to KJM for...