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The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM)

The KJM is the central supervisory body for the protection of minors in private broadcasting and telemedia. Its remit is to ensure compliance with the provisions for the protection of minors that are enshrined in the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV).

As a body of the state media authorities, the KJM checks for breaches of the relevant provisions and makes decisions about appropriate consequences for the providers. The KJM does not act until after the broadcast or the dissemination of content on principle. The state media authority that awarded the specific broadcaster its licence or in whose state the telemedia provider is based, carries out the measures determined by the KJM (complaints, prohibitions, fines).


The protection of children and adolescents as well as the protection of human dignity are constitutionally protected interests. The remit of the KJM and other institutions dedicated to the protection of minors in the media is based on the Interstate…


The KJM’s main activity consists of checking for breaches of provisions of the JMStV and taking decisions about measures against the media providers. In addition to this activity, the KJM performs further tasks enshrined in the JMStV.


As an executive institution of the Media Authorities, the KJM is a pluralist body whose members are not bound by any instructions in performing their activities. Here, you can find out more about its structure, members and collaboration.