The KJM – a body of the state media authorities

The KJM ensures that the provisions of the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV) are adhered to. In so doing, it acts as a body of the respective state media authority fulfilling its remit. The KJM analyses whether the provisions of the JMStV have been breached and decides on measures to be taken against the media content provider. The decisions are then implemented by the media authority which is in charge of the respective provider. 


The plenary of the KJM comprises 12 members including six representatives of the state media authorities, four representatives of the highest state authorities for the protection of minors and two experts appointed by the highest federal authority for the protection of minors.

Structure of the KJM

Cornelia Holsten
Renate Pepper
Deputy Chairwoman
Thomas Krüger
Deputy Chairman