Protection of Minors in Telemedia

Listing content („indexing“)

Listing media impairing minors

The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) is in charge of listing media. The BPjM lists material which is considered harmful to minors, including written publications, films, video cassettes, DVDs, video and computer games as well as internet sites (telemedia services), in particular immoral material or media which have a brutalising effect or which incite to violence, crime or racial hatred as well as media presenting acts of violence such as murder or slaughter for their own purpose in great detail or imply that the rule of the jungle is the only proven means for enforcing justice. Once such media have been included in the list of material which his classified as harmful to children or adolescents ("index"), they may not be advertised; distribution is prohibited. Certain listed telemedia content which is classified as harmful to minors may only be distributed within a closed user group, thus ensuring that children or adolescents cannot gain access to it. Other listed content is completely illegal.

Commenting on listing applications

The KJM and the BPjM cooperate closely regarding media content to be listed. The BPjM forwards all applications on content distributed in the internet which it has received from any body entitled to apply for material to be listed (youth authorities, ministries, police) to the KJM for assessment. The KJM’s assessment will be carefully considered by the BPjM when it decides whether content should be listed. The BPjM and the KJM pursue a common assessment practice in his regard.

Commenting on applications for listing content which have been forwarded by the BPjM makes up an important part of the work of the KJM. The majority of content harmful to minors for which the KJM recommends listing can be classified as depictions of sexuality or violence or right-wing extremist content.

Applications for listing telemedia content

The KJM can itself file applications with the BPjM to have internet sites included in the list. It does so if in its view telemedia content is suited to impair the development of children or adolescents into self-responsible and socially competent members of society.