Protection of Minors in Telemedia

Comprehensive concepts

Alongside concepts for closed user groups or technical measures for the protection of minors, providers can present so-called comprehensive concepts combining different measures for the protection of minors to the KJM for assessments.

As a rule, they comprise convergent media offers consisting of telemedia services and broadcasting services. Depending on the problems regarding the protection of minors, the two types can provide for staged technical measures of protection and take broadcasting and telemedia content into consideration in the same process. For furthering the implementation of comprehensive measures for the protection of minors, in particular as regards convergent media content, and for providing legal and planning security to the providers, the KJM also applied its positive assessment procedure to these concepts.

The following comprehensive concepts for the protection of minors have been positively rated by the KJM:

  • T-Online International AG: „T-Home" (video-on-demand offer)
  • HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH: „Alice homeTV"
  • Arcor: „Arcor-Digital TV Parental Control"
  • Hermes: "Personalised Parcel Delivery"
  • Deutsche Post AG: "E-Postbrief"
  • Deutsche Post AG: "E-Post-Ident"